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Bulls Fattening Project

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

This is an Economical empowerment project, which started in the year 2018, following intense and critical discussion and analysis between Brother Tom and the Maasai brothers. Our main focus and primary goal are the development and the sustainability of the SEMADEP SCHOOL, that has become home and the only real hope for the many needy and vulnerable Maasai kids around Sekenani Village. Majority of them being either very needy, or orphan. We are very keen in trying to do whatever we can to transform and shape their future through the provision of quality education. Our mission is to transform the SEMADEP SCHOOL into an academic center of excellence in Mara and beyond, by tapping and nurturing every aspect of a child’s potential. For us to achieve this, we need to have a viable and well thought sustainability plan/approach. We need to have a kind of an endowment fund for the Semadep school. This is how we came to the idea of fattening bulls and reselling them for profit. Raising cows is part of our culture, hence it is an economic activity that we are very conversant and comfortable with. Since we started the project, it has proved to be a success and we are seeing it becoming a real
success and taking us much closer to our primary goal!

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