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Family to Family

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Family to family program is a one-year rotational support that is initiated and founded by the helping hands – USA for the support of carefully selected Maasai needy families.Majority of these families are either very needy or widows straggling to take care of their family’s daily needs, ranging from shelter, Clothing, Feeding and education for their kids. Following a very passionate discussion between our brother Tom and the Maasai Brothers, we immediately agreed on the need to come up with such a program as a way of tackling and mitigating the effects of abject poverty among the Maasai communities and Families living in Sekenani area. We are cognizant of the fact that, there are too many needy families, though we cannot possibly meet the total needs of each family, we strongly believe in doing whatever little we could do to improve the living standards among members of our community. This program was started in Jan 2019,for a one-year rotational recruitment of very needy families.

So far, the families have received support of $30 per month for the last 6 months totaling $180 for each family. Below are the specific details of how each family have benefited from this support.

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