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Maasai Cultural Tourism and Conservation Program

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

We have invested heavily in the re-establishment of the very cultural village you met in your first visit! We have come to a realization that, the main economic activity around Mara is tourism and the main product or asset is the Maasai culture and lifestyle! We invested in a much better and practical management system that designed to develop the capacity of the maasai in the village to be able to manage income generated in the village for their actual socio-economic development. Such a well thought system will also ensure the positive promotion and preservation of the Maasai culture as a valuable product and asset that will eventually benefit the maasai in a big way. In the long term, we will start a cultural museum to show case the maasai culture and artefacts. This requires a lot of money, so we are having it as our ACTIVE PLAN

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