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The Maasai Local Team

The People That Make It All Happen

This comprises of a group of young, highly dedicated and very passionate local Maasai. They are solely focused on improving the living standards and narrowing the poverty gap amongst the most needy and vulnerable members within their community.


Jackson Naeku

Jackson Naeku joined Semadep Foundation with the vision and drive to improve upon our Social Welfare Organization, and focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity.


Tumate Tira

Experienced, trustworthy, fun. These are just a few of the ways coworkers describe this invaluable member of our team. Tumate Tira is truly a joy to be around and makes it a pleasure to come to work every single day.

Gabriel Keture.jpg

Gabriel Keture

Gabriel Keture joined Semadep Foundation with the vision and drive to improve upon our Social Welfare Organization, and focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity.

Our Team: Meet the Team

Our International Partners

Our success and achievements could not have been possible without the amazing and profound support, friendship and genuine love that we have witnessed from our friends and partners across the world. Some connections and friendships have lasted for decades, a clear indication of a commonly shared dream, values and aspirations!


The Semadep Foundation


Through the profound support, long time friendship and genuine love from our co-founders, Dr Hans Snijders and Dr Paul Van Aubel, we are able to stand on our feet and we achieved a lot through their support! Construction, equipping,staffing and maintenance of the Sekenani Health Centre inpatient facility, complete with a Lab, pharmacy, maternity wing, male and female wards,a telemedicine room among others. They have continued to support the SEMADEP SCHOOL, through the sponsorship program. With 12 needy children receiving this sponsorship in a circle of 8 years in primary and 4 years in High school. Their support , friendship and our deep gratitude to them couldn’t be properly captured here!

Tom & Mary Pat Roovers- Helping Hands US

Helping Hands


Our success and achievements could not be any where near where it is without that helping hand and brotherly love from our Brother Tom & Mary Pat Roovers and his entire H H team! He found us in a passionate struggle. He validated, supported our dream and besides all his dedication and love for the most vulnerable in our society, he has always inspired us to continue with our humanitarian work challenges notwithstanding! He always reminded us , that what we are doing is very special and we should continue because not everybody can do it! Through this partnership, a lot has been achieved just to mention but a few; Support for the Semadep school with 5 classrooms, 3 teachers houses , a new kitchen, a Library , a computer Lab, a steady supply of school supplies, a Bull fattening project, support for the Semadep Mara camp, women beads project, sponsorship program for needy Masai  children and the family to family program in which 56 families were supported from 2019-2020! All these were made possible through a combine efforts and team work from our Helping Hands friends and family!

White Branch

One School Foundation


Our core and long term strategic approach is to bring transformational and meaningful change to our marginalized community through the provision of quality education to the majority of very needy but bright Masai children. Girls remain the most disadvantaged due to poverty and out dated cultural practices like FGM and early marriages! We wanted to change this and we thank John Dragseth for showing great interest towards this initiative. Plans are underway to establish an all girls High schools that when it take off it will be a major breakthrough for theMasai girl child! John & Rena Dragseth have been extremely supportive to our community during the the Global covid -19 pandemic. We and our community at large are forever grateful for all your support and friendship!

Rajharsha Narayanswamy

Camera Shutter Up


Through Rajharsha Narayanswamy, founder and owner of Camera shutters up, we found an opportunity to market our camp and besides he has continued to offer a lot of technical marketing skills and support. During the Covid 19 pandemic, he and his company has been very instrumental in our appeal for the support of the most vulnerable families due to this pandemic! We continue to partner and there a lot of good plans for the future! Thank you Harsha for being a valuable friend and for your amazing support!

Not only is he a partner in the Foundation but is also a photographer who loves to spend his time in the grasslands and also take out customers with him to experience it the way he does.

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White Branch

Semadep UK


Truly as our guest always say, when you visit Semadep as a guest, you will leave as a friend with a feeling of being part of the Semadep family! This is such a classic example of the same. Natalie &Mike and their children visited us in August 2019, just as ordinary guests. But during their stay and after they left they turn out to be true friends and part of the Semadep family! They started the idea of the Semadep UK right during their stay with us at the camp, and their valuable advice is something we can never forget!This is because, they were amazed and inspired by the work we are doing for the community. They started a sponsorship program which saw 8 very needy children being sponsored. Also they talked to world Reader organization from the USA to start a digital learning for the Semadep school. It was approved, and were it not for the covid -19 the project could have started already. Also Natalie and Mike have been extremely helpful throughout the covid-19 pandemic and we are very grateful for their profound support and friendship!


Cisco Inc.

Cisco has been a great partner in establishment of the Community Knowledge Centre (CKC). Through the support of  Cisco, we are able to set up a technology Centre where our youth and school leavers could learn basic computer skills. Also the original idea was to impart digital skills amongst our health care professionals who work at the sekenani health Centre so as to enhance their capabilities on matters healthcare. Cisco also help in installation of the telemedicine project that was intended to link the sekenani health Centre with other more advanced medical facilities in Nairobi, like the Gertrude children hospital. The initiative was part of our constant dream of enhancing quality healthcare to our community. The CKC has also made life easier for the local people! Before, the local people use to travel to Narok town, 90 km  just for a photocopy of a document or for internet services! We and the entire community are very grateful to Cisco team for their amazing support!

White Branch

Steve & Miriam Miller


Steve and Miriam Miller are our first and long time friends ! We met them in a Masai village about 24 years ago! Ever since we have maintained our friendship and they have continued to support 2 children in a circle of 8 years. Their support has greatly help provide the much needed education opportunities for the very needy and most vulnerable children. Steve and Miriam remain our special friends and we are always very grateful for their long friendship and we thank them for having found the confidence and trust in us for all these years and going forward! God bless you Steve and Miriam

Our Team: Meet the Team
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