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Sekanani Water Project

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

The Aim of the Sekanani Water Project is to improve the quality of life, through the provision of clean and safe water for
drinking, to the people of Sekenani and beyond. This will be achieved through a continuous improvement and upgrading of the Sekenani community water project, and by establishing new bore holes to the neighbouring communities. This will be made possible, by seeking the support of the local community, local leaders, SEMADEP NGO, donors and other development partners.

We continue to seek for more funds to improve availability and ease access of clean drinking water to the local community. This will help in reducing waterborne diseases like typhoid and cholera as a result of poor sewerage disposal into the water streams by the many camps and lodges upstream. It will also enhance proper hygiene and sanitation among the local people.

Currently we have the sekenani water hand pump and we have also channelled the water from our camp to Ewangan village and neighbouring villages.

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